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Have you ever wanted to train with a really wonderful teacher but realized they live on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world?

Online courses make education accessible and provide participants with high quality information without all the travel expenses of attending a workshop.

The Mindful Strength online courses have been enjoyed by hundreds of people from all over the planet! Once a year we update these courses with some fresh information and participants will always receive the updated versions free of charge. We also have a tech manager on staff to assist you in case something goes funky with your course.

Why people love our courses

  • Structured content that’s easy to follow and downloadable.
  • Packed full of extra links, videos and articles.
  • One account to manage all your courses.
  • Train at your own pace in your own space.

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Available courses

Master Your Pull-Up and Push-Up With Mindful Strength

So many people want to work on their upper body strength, but don’t really know where to begin. Every time I teach a workshop someone always tells me they have been trying push-ups for years, but they still don’t feel like they can do them. This course breaks pushing and pulling down into simple progressions that will completely change the way you practice and think about upper body strength.

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Mindful Strength Whole Body Immersion Online

This six-week online course will get your whole body moving in strong and powerful ways. The course is designed to start with the basics of body weight strength and weightlifting before moving into more intermediate level movements. Two weeks are spent on the upper body, the lower body and on core strength and we have just added new sections and full length classes to enhance your learning experience. This course will debunk some common myths around strength and mobility, get into every inch of your body in all the best ways, and inspire you to embody your own strength in your practice and in daily life.

Register Today ($199)

What's being said on the podcast

And the fact that you can twist yourself up like a pretzel doesn’t mean you are doing the yoga.

Richard Freeman On The Evolution Of Yoga
from the Mindful Strength Podcast, Jan 11th

Representation matters, it matters because the images and messages we take in shape our reality.

Melanie Klein, Yoga and Body Image Coalition
from the Mindful Strength Podcast, April 26th

You have to be doing tribal dancing. Without tribal dancing you are lost.

Jozef Frucek, Fighting Monkey
from the Mindful Strength Podcast, May 10th

How you think about yourself and how you think about the world over the course of your entire life influences how you move.

Dr. Perry Nickelston: Stop Chasing Pain
from the Mindful Strength Podcast, Feb 15th
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