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What you get with your Subscription

  • An extensive class library with over 60 unique classes that grows each month
  • A live group call with Kathryn and the community once a month (bring your questions!)
  • A diverse and well rounded approach to asana, flow, strength training, mobility, dynamic and functional movement
  • Recorded workshops from Kathryn’s international travels
  • Critically selected research and articles with a discussion from Kathryn
  • Educational webinars to learn more about exercise science, adaptation, pain science and yoga
  • New classes and resources uploaded each month
  • The only platform that offers practice as well as education that is constantly refreshed
  • Annual, 6-month, and monthly subscriptions available
  • Monthly memberships with no long-term contract

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More information about the MINDFUL STRENGTH MEMBERSHIP

This online platform started two years ago when I decided to start filming my classes so I could offer them to folks who had been following from all over the world. I knew I wanted to share my work with more than the eight wonderful people in my home studio, and I launched the very first Virtual Studio.

 Two years later I see a need for more than classes, I see a huge need for educational resources so we can understand the WHY behind all of this. From workshops to recorded webinars, and research papers made easy to understand, this platform has everything you need. I also want to connect with the people who are practicing along with our face to face to talk about questions and comments, this feedback and collaboration are so important for all of us.



The MINDFUL STRENGTH MEMBERSHIP is for you if you are…


  • Wanting to understand WHY a varied practice that blends strength, mobility, functional movement and yoga is so helpful.
  • Finding yourself with more questions than ever before about your own practice or teaching.
  • Feeling unsure of where to start when there are just so many resources available.
  • Are excited by things like pain science, task based movement, resistance bands, using props in interesting ways, strength training and more.
  • Wanting to connect face to face with an experienced teacher (that’s me) and be in community with other movers and shakers in the field.
  • Loving online classes and the flexibility of home practice.
  • Always wanting the latest and greatest when it comes to fresh materials.
  • Interested in progressive strength and movement strategies and sessions to follow along with.

“The Mindful Strength Membership classes always leave me feeling fantastic! Great approach to strength, mobility and full body movement. Highly recommend for just about anyone.”

Jessica Tateishi

Preview of the Mindful Strength Membership

Join the Mindful Strength Membership and together we can move in new ways and bring strength and confidence to our every day life.



Use coupon code ‘GETSTARTED’ to get your first month FREE

Your personal information is secure & safe.
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About Kathryn

Kathryn Bruni-Young has been teaching yoga and strength based movement since she was 16. Growing up in the first Ashtanga studio in Toronto meant she was always around yoga and loved practicing along with her mom. At the age of 21 Kathryn walked into a gym, discovered strength training, and hasn't looked back since. Through strength training she was able to recover from repetitive strain injuries and feel strong and confident in her body again.

Over the last eight years Kathryn has dedicated her work to learning the multi-dimensional ways that strength helps people thrive. From musculoskeletal and bone benefits to feeling more powerful and capable in daily life, strength training changes everything. Kathryn is the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, she is an international teacher, she produces a number of online courses and she runs a small studio, and a big garden, in the countryside with her partner Kyle.