Teacher’s Intensive

The Mindful Strength Teacher’s Intensive is the best way for teachers to expand and elevate their skills in a small-group training environment. These intensives are capped at 14-16 students to ensure high level learning and support during the trainings, we know how much get’s lost in the shuffle in a group of thirty or more. Participants will learn many movements and exercises to cultivate strength, plus accessible variations for all ages and levels. As a group we will unpack and debunk myths around core strength, breathing, mobility, tissue adaptation, injuries and how to practice “yoga”. Class sequencing, structure, and cueing are also main topics, along with sustainable business strategies for teachers.

The intensive begins with a twelve-week online course that will get the basic information out of the way so that when we meet we can take a deep dive into the material. The online portion includes exclusive interviews with guest teachers Jane Clapp (movement for trauma), Molly Boeder-Harris (trauma informed yoga), Grant Hutchinson (mindfulness), Annie Bray (meditation for beginners) Steve Donald (science of breathing) and Sasha Padron (prenatal movement). This online course will provide not only a huge amount of content and inspiration, but a reference tool that participants can go back and learn from indefinitely.

The 2018 Teacher’s Intensives are both sold out, stay tuned for our 2019 dates.

Upcoming Events

  1. June 19 @ 9:30 am - July 19 @ 7:00 pm

    Mindful Strength Summer Session in Williamstown

Online Course

Intro to Mindful Strength FREE Course

This course will introduce you to my method, it’s the perfect way to test out if Mindful Strength is right for you.

What you’ll get:

  • Instructional videos of my three favourite upper body exercises, and a lifting exercise for beginners.
  • A PDF explaining the exercises.
  • A recording of my Improve Your Squat and Improve Your Upper Body Strength Webinars.
  • Neuroscience and mindfulness resources.
  • An embodied mindfulness practice.
  • A full length class so you can practice along with me at home.

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