Mindful Strength In-Person Teacher’s Immersion

Strength, Science and Accessibility

If you are…

  • Very interested in strength, mobility and how to integrate these practices into your practice and teaching.
  • Excited by biomechanics, evidence based thinking, pain education and critical analysis.
  • Certain that safety and progressive strategies are essential.
  • Looking for a fresh perspective and inspiration.
  • Interested in learning more about how our tissues actually get stronger and more resilient.
  • Ready to talk about accessibility, positive spaces and inclusion.

… then this is the Teacher’s Immersion for you!

    Some of the main learning outcomes of the Teacher’s Immersion…

    • Learn more about the science of strength and how strength training compliments yoga perfectly.
    • Learn more about biomechanics and pain science, this is the technical information every teacher needs!
    • Develop your skills to make movement, strength and yoga accessible for all bodies.
    • Learn to create a more diverse practice experience that is safe and balanced.
    • Develop your critical thinking skills and get clear on your beliefs about movement.
    • Understand the benefits of yoga and when yoga should be applied.
    • Learn many new movements and exercises to spice up your teaching.
    • Feel confident to teach what YOU feel is important and relevant.
    Mindful Strength Teacher’s Immersion In-Person Course

    About the in-person Teacher’s Immersion


    Each day participants will get a chance to practice/learn with Kathryn, participate in some type of group work, take a workshop with a guest instructor and make new connections both on and off the mat. Days will run from approximately 8:30am to 4:30pm with a lunch break. Participants should come prepared for full days, and a lot of learning! Although the main part of this immersion is held over five days in Cornwall, it begins with a three-month online course.

    The online component will introduce everyone to the concepts of Mindful Strength, biomechanics, pain science, accessibility and how to create an effective and safe learning environment. The online course has a pre-recorded component as well as live online lectures and participation with Kathryn and her team of guest faculty.

    If you plan to attend the in-person Teacher’s Immersion we recommend you apply ASAP as this course has sold out very early for the last two years. Only 15 participants will be accepted. Participants must have completed a YTT, personal training or other exercise instructor certification program.


    Q: I’ve taken a 200 hr yoga training, but I’m not a full time teacher, can I join the immersion?

    A: Yes, you qualify for the immersion you don’t need specific teaching experience to apply.

    Q: I’m not a yoga teacher, I’m a massage therapist or personal trainer hoping to learn more about strength, movement and mobility, can I join the immersion?

    A: Yes, as long as you are also interested in learning about some aspects of the yoga practice. You will bring a new perspective to the immersion, and we love diversity.

    Q: I’m not very techy and online courses kind of scare me, what type of support do you offer?

    A: We have a wonderful tech manager named Joey who will make sure you understand how to use the online course, we have you covered.

    Q: I don’t have strength training experience, will I be left in the dust?

    A: Absolutely not, the whole point is to learn about strength training and most people will not have a lot of gym expereince.

    Q: Will this course give me tools and strategies that I can use right away in my practice and teaching?

    A: Yes! You will be able to integrate many of the movements as you learn them, plus your brain power is going to be super charged and you will be able to think more creatively about movement and science.

    Q: I can pay the deposit, but I might need a payment plan for the rest, is that possible?

    A: Yes, once you have made your deposit we can talk about a personalized plan that works for you. You must be fully paid up before the immersion begins.

    Q: I live in a different time zone, will I be able to join the live calls?

    A: The live calls will happen on a selection of Wednesday’s from 12-1:30pm EST. I’ve chosen this time to try and include as many time zones as possible.


    Have any other questions about the Teacher’s Immersion? You can email Kathryn through the website, add them to your application form or get in touch with her at hello@kathrynbruniyoung.com.

      Pricing & Details

      Early bird $1,750 CAD, must be paid in full by Jan 1st 2020.

      Regular price $1950 CAD, registration ends March 1st 2020.

      Canadian residents will be charged HST. Online course is from April 1st – June 30th 2020, in person training is July 17-21 2020.

      Participants are responsible for finding their own accommodations, Kathryn’s team will be available for travel tips and support.

      Items NOT INCLUDED in these fees

      • Travel and transportation fees
      • Accommodations
      • Food and meals


      Included in the in-person Teacher’s Immersion

      • 5-day in-person immersion in Cornwall, Ontario
      • 2 lunches during the immersion
      • 3-month long online course leading up to the immersion
      • Live calls and Q&A leading up to the in-person immersion
      • Lectures with guest faculty
      • Certificate of completion from Mindful Strength
      • The education and networking experience of a lifetime for teachers
      • 30 hours, plus a 20 hour online course and all the guest instructor lectures (approx. 8 hours).

        “Kathryn is a great teacher! She shares her deep knowledge in a way that is both inspiring and fun. Take her workshops if you can, if not – her on-line courses are highly recommended too!”

        Lisbeth Amundsen

        Guest Faculty

        We are so excited to announce our DREAM TEAM of guest teachers who will lecture in the online part of the Immersion.


        Dr. Greg Lehman – Pain Science

        Dr. Greg Lehman is a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and strength and conditioning specialist. He teaches a two day course called Reconciling Pain Science With Biomechanics worldwide and is a sought after speaker. He has trained with Professor Stuart McGill in his Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory subsequently publishing more than 20 peer reviewed papers in the manual therapy and exercise biomechanics field. Greg’s strong biomechanics and neuroscience background have led him to believe that successful injury management and prevention can use simple techniques.


        Amber Karnes – Movement Accessibility

        Amber Karnes is the founder of Body Positive Yoga, the co-creator of Yoga For All Teacher Training, an Accessible Yoga Trainer and a force to be reckoned with in the yoga community. Amber is a Health At Every Size and self acceptance advocate who will empower you to live your life out loud without shame or apology—in the body you have today. Amber has over 15 years of experience teaching yoga and she has a special ability to make yoga and movement possible for everyone.

        Jules Mitchell M.S. – Biomechanics

        Jules Mitchell MS, CMT, ERYT500 is a Las Vegas based yoga teacher, educator and massage therapist. Her unique approach incorporates her extensive study in biomechanics with the modern application of yoga asana to help teachers develop their craft and empower them with education. Jules’s methods intend to achieve ease in movement through deliberate loading, thus her teachings integrate numerous modalities, balancing the somatic aspects of yoga with the most current exercise science. She leads workshops and continuing education courses worldwide, providing yoga schools with the most current research in biomechanics. Jules is the author of Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, available now through Handspring Publishing. She is also adjunct faculty at Arizona State University where she serves as the yoga consultant on various research studies.


        Jamilah Malika – Creating Positive Spaces

        Jamilah Malika is a Mentorship Lead at New Leaf Foundation which does work to bring mindfulness and yoga-based tools into spaces that are least-served and often most stigmatized; increasing access to positive resources for youth who face violence, neglect, poverty and marginalization.  As well as an artist and writer passionate about anti-oppression, jamilah is  currently completing an MFA in Writing at the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago.

        Application for In-Person Teacher’s Immersion

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        About Kathryn

        Kathryn Bruni-Young has been teaching yoga and strength based movement since she was 16. Growing up in the first Ashtanga studio in Toronto meant she was always around yoga and loved practicing along with her mom. At the age of 21 Kathryn walked into a gym, discovered strength training, and hasn't looked back since. Through strength training she was able to recover from repetitive strain injuries and feel strong and confident in her body again.

        Over the last eight years Kathryn has dedicated her work to learning the multi-dimensional ways that strength helps people thrive. From musculoskeletal and bone benefits to feeling more powerful and capable in daily life, strength training changes everything. Kathryn is the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, she is an international teacher, she produces a number of online courses and she runs a small studio, and a big garden, in the countryside with her partner Kyle.