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Handstand and upper body strength
“Through Kathryn’s Online Upper Body Strength Course, I have gained incredible knowledge regarding strength and mobility in such a safe, progressive and mindful way! I have been able to successfully apply what I have learnt to my own body as well with my students. This course is affordable and easy to access, Kathryn’s team is also super reliable when it comes to technical support. If you are looking to move better in your upper body and help others do the same, I highly recommend you check this out!”
Kristy Pisani

Yoga Teacher
Toronto, ON


I’ve put together this online course to help you develop the necessary skills, strength and mobility needed for a strong and stable upper body. Why focus on handstand? Handstands require more than just brute strength, they challenge our body awareness, proprioception, mobility and fine motor skills. Our bodies are designed to carry weight over head, working towards a handstand helps us regain functional movement, and makes daily life just a bit more smooth.  

Each week we focus on one major part of the body, each video shows different strength and mobility exercises to help prep the upper body for these challenging poses. This course is not based on fancy skills, rather we focus on progressive strength movements that are accessible for different body types.

Areas of the body include a detailed look at wrists and forearms, shoulder strength and alignment, basics of core work and finally handstand skill development. Its all about building a strong foundation and preparing the body safely and intelligently.

What’s included:

  • Four professionally shot videos that outline exercises and movements
  • Four extensive PDF’s which give students further details on the exercises, modifications and practice templates
  • Access to a private Facebook group to share our experiences
  • Extra links and clips that have been curated by Kathryn to add to the educational experience
  • Two audio recordings of Kathryn’s live workshops to inspire and inform

Who is this coursed designed for?

  • Teachers seeking new inspiration for their classes
  • Beginners who need more strength to compliment their practice
  • People interested in a safe and effective way to learn handstands

What’s involved in taking the course?

Students will benefit from watching the instructional videos while reading the additional information provided in the course notes and FAQ sheets. There are also links included to help students understand basic anatomy, and concepts behind building strength. Students also have access to a private Facebook group, where they can bounce ideas off each other and try new things.


This course gives you the groundwork and progressive steps to strengthen your upper body, core and handstand. Its never too late to begin, we hope you will join us!

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