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This course is ideal for anyone wanting to learn the basics of upper body strength, mobility and eventually, handstands. Each week we focus on one major part of the body, each video shows different strength and mobility exercises to help prep the upper body for more challenging movements. This course provides a detailed look at wrists and forearms, shoulder strength and alignment, basics of core work and handstand skill development. Its all about building a strong foundation and preparing the body safely and intelligently.

I’m working on some new courses coming online soon. Check back for news or follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Sheila Salvador
Business Analyst, Toronto ON

“From the time I took Kathryn’s Strength & Mobility course back in 2013, I was excited to find a new way of practicing movement (vs. just working out at the gym). What I love about Kathryn’s training approach and what makes her unique is the fact that she is a multi-disciplinarian – she does yoga, she’s a powerlifter and just an all round movement specialist. Kathryn knows how best to prepare the body to move in the most optimal way, while also teaching how to prevent injury in your practice. She will teach you how to train smarter and safer so you can progress more efficiently in your movement practice. You will be happy you signed up for her online course!”