Upcoming Events

  1. $1,200
    July 20 - August 14

    Mindful Strength Teacher Training Intensive

    8 Second Street West Cornwall, Ontario K6J 1G2 Canada
  2. October 19 - October 21

    Mindful Strength Weekend Immersion – Trondheim, Norway

    Trondheim, Norway
  3. October 27 - October 28

    Mindful Strength Weekend Immersion – Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm, Sweden
Online Course

Intro to Mindful Strength FREE Course

This course will introduce you to my method, it’s the perfect way to test out if Mindful Strength is right for you.

What you’ll get:

  • Instructional videos of my three favourite upper body exercises, and a lifting exercise for beginners.
  • A PDF explaining the exercises.
  • A recording of my Improve Your Squat and Improve Your Upper Body Strength Webinars.
  • Neuroscience and mindfulness resources.
  • An embodied mindfulness practice.
  • A full length class so you can practice along with me at home.

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