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114 Robin Lacambra: The Body Is Political

Robin Lacambra (aka Lamarr) is the founder of GOODBODYFEEL Movement Studio and the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method. She is a Pilates and yoga educator, community activist and an eager student of diverse movement practices. In 2017, she began cultivating a...

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113 Cyndi Lee: Strength For Sustainable Yoga

Cyndi Lee is the first female Western yoga teacher to fully integrate yoga asana and Tibetan Buddhism in her practice and teaching. In 1998, she founded the OM yoga Center in NYC, which became a mecca for yogis worldwide. One of the most influential teachers in the...

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112 James Crader: Communicating Through Pilates

James Crader is considered a top health and wellness resource in the Sacramento region. His work with special populations, elite athletes, and students with Spinal Cord Injuries has been featured in numerous blogs / podcasts / magazines / and teaches...

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110 Neil Pearson: Pain Science and Yoga

Neil Pearson is a physiotherapist, and Clinical Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia. He is an experienced yoga teacher, a yoga therapist and creator of the Pain Care Yoga training programs for health professionals and yoga therapists. Neil is...

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108 Chidiogo Akunyili: From Intuition to Power

Chidiogo Akunyili is the Founder of She ROARs - Reimagining Our Africa Rising — empowering women across Africa to unleash their full potential and that of the continent.  Her philosophy is founded on the humanist African concept of Ubuntu — 'I am because you are. You...

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107 Shelly Prosko: What We Should All Know About Pain

Shelly Prosko is a physotherapist, a yoga therapist, an author and an international teacher and speaker. She is co-editing and co-authoring the upcoming textbook Yoga And Science In Pain Care: Treating The Person In Pain. Shelly guest lectures at medical colleges,...

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Mindful Strength Podcast

The Mindful Strength podcast began in 2017 as a DIY project in my living room. Over the last two years it has grown into a full production that features the leading voices in yoga, movement, body politics and rehabilitation. This show also documents the continuation of my own learning as a yoga teacher turned movement educator and it provides top level information for teachers and trainers who are interested in diversifying their understanding of the body. I aim to bring complex topics to the forefront using simple language so that anyone interested in learning more about strength and movement can join the conversation.

As the podcast passes its 100th episode (airing on April 4th 2019) we are accepting donations and support so that we can continue to release high quality interviews that will remain advertisement free, sustainable and accessible to all. Here’s to the next 100 great conversations!

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As a teacher, I consider myself a life long learner. As such, I love to see what other teachers are putting out there and how they present the work that is most meaningful to them. Kathryn loves learning too, and she presents her passion (Mindful Strength) clearly, intelligently, progressively, and with humility.

She is always learning, exploring and folding this new knowledge into her ongoing online offerings. Her fresh and non-dogmatic presence is simply delightful! Experience this delight for yourself: checkout her Mindful Strength Podcast.

In my opinion it is one of the best yoga related podcasts available! 

Carrie Owerko

Yoga Teacher, New York City, US

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