Mindful Strength Podcast: Jules Mitchell on Tissue Adaptation, Strength Training and more - Kathryn Bruni-Young

Jules Mitchell, educator, scientist, yoga teacher and movement professional, sits down with with Kathryn on today’s podcast, resulting in a friendly, real and inspiring conversation on the world of biomechanics, yoga and strength training.  They discuss why strength training is beneficial and how it can support healing at any age and every stage of growth and development.  Their interesting and honest dialogue courses through the challenges of research and writing a book, training with load, tissue adaptation, what “injury” really means, questioning how we define and identify what “causes” injury, the rehab/training cycle, working conjunct with medical professionals and the value of variety in movement practice. Jules leads from a place of both knowledge and curiosity; her passion for learning, yoga, the body and movement for life, is contagious. As this interview is just scratching the surface on the depth of these subjects, we hope Jules will be back on the podcast before too long! Enjoy!

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In this episode:

Jules Mitchell \\ www.julesmitchell.com
Find information on Jules’ workshops, trainings, practice videos and writing via her popular blog, where yoga biomechanics meets exercise science and beyond.

Jules has over 100 videos accessible on line via the following resources:


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