Goodbye Toronto... Hello New Adventures - Kathryn Bruni-Young
  • July 17, 2015
  • Kathryn

Last week I resigned from my teaching job at Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto, after nearly ten years I’m taking a step in a completely different direction. It is with great pleasure that I announce my departure from Toronto and the opening of my new studio, Cornwall Yoga. My last class at Downward Dog will be Tuesday August 25th, for anyone interested in joining this final class will be all levels.

Four years ago I ventured out of the yoga community and into the world of strength, conditioning, crossfit and gymnastics. I signed up for a weekend course being held at my local gym with a teacher I had never really heard of before. Four years later the face of fitness and movement has changed in an incredible way. Also taking the weekend course was a man from Cornwall named Tyler Touchette (Caveman Strong, locations in Cornwall and Ottawa). Tyler and I kept in touch here and there over the years and in 2014 he invited me to visit Cornwall and teach a yoga weekend workshop at his gym.

The first night I arrived someone picked me up from the train station and brought me to the gym so I could just scope it out and prepare for my weekend. I was wearing regular clothes, which for me includes some sort of stretchy pant and a frilly top. I walked into a busy gym and began to look around at what was going on. Tyler was coaching a group through what looked very similar to my own classes and I immediately felt at home. The class had already begun, but I immediately knew this would be the right fit for me, so I jumped in, wearing my “street clothes” and crawled across the room with the rest of the group. After the class I stayed to do my own thing, lifting heavy weights, at this point I was training for the powerlifting provincials. As I was lifting other people began to filter through the gym, to take the class which included some primal movements, gymnastics strength training, mobility work including back bending and ring work. Many of these people then stayed and lifted weights afterwards, at this point I knew this is where I wanted to be. To walk into a gym full of likeminded people, where at home I’m usually training alone because not many people really want to do 100 hollow rocks before lifting. I had finally found a community of people where I felt that I fit in.

The community at Caveman Strong is like nothing I had ever seen before. When I want to really train and focus on both gymnastics and weightlifting thats where I go. Its the perfect blend of two disciplines under the same roof and the best part was they were interested in learning about yoga. I quickly made friends with Josee Filion who continues to be an inspiration to me, a young woman who is warm and confident in the way she views the world, and who also knows how to make all the healthy deserts. I left feeling refreshed, I had slept in a quiet stimulation-free environment, trained intelligently, had someone coach me on skills I had been attempting, ate great food and laughed way too much.

Six months later I began my first ever teacher training program, excited and terrified at what I had set myself up for. The program was sold out, as the only teacher training in Cornwall we got a very unique mix of students, different disciplines and a range of ages and abilities. Facilitating the teacher training has been the highlight of my year, working with 17 people on the practice of yoga, in a community where its actually needed.

On September 1st we will open the doors of Cornwall Yoga with space for about 10 students in each class. Its a humble and simple beginning to something that will hopefully continue to grow. Our studio is within the Nexus Chiropractic office on Adolphus st. What I’m most excited about is the chance to create a thriving yoga community in a town that doesn’t have a studio on every block. To be around people who train like I do and who inspire me to adapt in an thoughtful way rather than pushing harder each day.

As a teacher its so important to have inspiration and when I need to be inspired I always go to Cornwall. The friendships I’ve developed combined with the exceptional training experience and the peaceful environment always leaves me feeling fresh. At this point in my development this is what is important to me and although its been a stressful decision I’m ready to be completely in control of my life and try something new.

I will be coming back to Toronto each month to teach workshops, private clients and of course the Yoga Detour teacher training program beginning in February 2016. People who wish to book a private lesson should be in touch 2-3 weeks prior to the session date as I will be booking everyone in advance. Students who have been enjoying my classes and are looking to further their experience in the class setting should take class with Cecily Milne. Students in Toronto who are serious about continuing to practice with me should seriously consider the Yoga Detour programs being held this year starting in the fall. To stay in touch online, check out the online education I offer.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of this phase, now on to the next. XO




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