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Mindful Strength Weekend Immersion – Fall River NS

March 28 - March 29


I’m so excited to be coming back to Fall River, the wonderful Stephanie McCarville hosted last year and she has decided to put on the event again. This year we will be spending Saturday afternoon in a local physio clinic with some gym equipment, which means we can do even more strength and mobility training.

March 28-29, 10am-5pm both days.

Location: Kenetesis Spine and Joint Clinic, 890 Fall River Rd, Fall River, NS B2T 1G5, Canada

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Workshop One – The Science of Strength Building

This workshop begins with a 90 minute Mindful Strength practice followed by a lecture and discussion on the science of getting stronger. In this workshop Kathryn covers how and why people build strength. From the neurological adaptation that happens almost immediately to progressive strategies that take weeks, months and years, the body adapts in amazing ways. Ideas such as variable movement, training out of alignment, joint preparation, and adding strength to yoga poses will be discussed and experienced.

Workshop Two – Strength Training to Complement Asana (gym workshop)

This workshop will cover upper and lower body strength to complement yoga asana. We will get into pulling, basic lifts, posterior chain strength, hanging, and how to build strength using progressive external loads. Strength training can help our asana feel better and more sustainable, learn how basic movement can balance out the practice we love. This workshop is a special opportunity to get into the gym with Kathryn, we don’t always get to do this!

Workshop Three – Leg Day

This workshop brings leg day to the yoga studio, because who doesn’t need stronger glutes and hamstrings? The day will begin with a 90 minute Mindful Strength practice followed by a discussion and Q&A session. From there, many lower body exercises will be explored from functional movements to yoga poses. Participants will learn new and creative ways to use blocks, bands and blankets as their “gym equipment” many of which can be immediately added to any style of yoga practice. Balance will also be outlined in detail, moving beyond tree pose into dynamic stability.

Workshop Four – Mobility For All

Mobility is a confusing topic these days, some of us seem to have too much while others only dream of feeling limber. In this session Kathryn teaches different ways to look at mobility, from active to passive and everything in between. Strengthening at the end ranges will be a recurring theme, as well as strength training as a means of acquiring range of motion while also reinforcing it. There are a number of ways to enhance mobility, stretch, and practice, this is just the beginning.

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March 28
March 29