Learn Whole Body Mindful Strength from Anywhere in the world!

A whole body approach to strength, mobility, mindfulness and movement.

This is my best whole body training system that incorporates all areas of Mindful Strength.

I’ve put together this online course to help you develop your own Mindful Strength from anywhere in the world. Strength training can be exclusive, confusing, and tough, but with the right instructions and mindset anyone can practice strength training with confidence. Whether you have been lifting weights for years, or you are a yogi wanting to learn the basics, this online course will give you the tools you need to practice strength training anywhere.

Science is telling us that strength training is one of the best ways to maintain mobility, confidence, and efficacy especially as we age. Progressive strength training has been shown to help maintain our tissues (bone mass), as well as our mobility, and moods. This course is accessible for anyone who is comfortable getting up and down from the floor, and is perfect for all ages.

Each week we will dive into a specific topic such as upper body isolation, global movements, core strength, and more. Full body movements will be addressed after a strong foundation has been built through isolation, and mobility.

Many of the movements are practiced with minimal equipment, but the few things you will benefit from having are a small weight (3lbs), a medium weight (15-25 lbs), a squishy ball and a yoga block. If you don’t have all these props right away don’t worry, a bottle of wine can double for a 3 lb weight. Each week we will learn new movements to enhance different parts of the body.

Hundreds of people have already participated in this course, and I’m excited to be launching an even better second edition. Like any great work, information evolves and so should our courses.

What’s included

  • Six professionally produced instructional videos that will teach you all the exercises.
  • Six PDF’s to compliment the instructional videos.
  • Six brand new full length Mindful Strength classes recorded in my home studio (these haven’t been released anywhere else!)
  • Nine extra videos to explain key concepts or myths, everything will be explained in a clear way in around ten minutes!
  • A bonus section I’ve added for teachers and trainers who are skillfully developing their craft.
  • Two written workouts per week (beginner and intermediate level).
  • Numerous extra links to read and listen to.
  • Growing content, as we add more to the online course everyone will have continued access to the new materials.
Mindful Strength whole body online course

What to Expect?

Sign up for the course today and receive a confirmation of your purchase, and you will gain access to the first week’s content as soon as you register. Following the first week, you will receive each of the six weeks in your inbox on the day of the week that you originally signed up. If you start on a Monday then each Monday you will receive a new lesson plan. There are six lessons in total, each with an average of 90-120 minutes of video content, plus extra podcasts and articles, and don’t forget about the new BONUS section for teachers.

Watch the video, and refer to the PDF to ensure you aren’t missing any of the details. Try out the exercises and notice how they feel. Watch the full length class or workout videos to get a sense of how strength and mobility can be applied to a class setting.

The nine extra videos I have added will help you understand not only the exercises I’m presenting, but the why and how behind them. Confused about what core breathing is? Don’t worry, I’ve got a video about that. Unsure about mobility, flexibility and hyper mobility? I’ve got a video for that too. I’ve revamped this course to give participants more of the information they need to understand how strength training can be done, why it is effective, how the body actually adapts, and so much more!

Hundreds of people have already enrolled in the Whole Body Immersion, and I’ve gotten so many great reviews from teachers and practitioners who have completely revamped their practice. I’ve also taken some great feedback into account and made this course even better than it was before.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Yoga teachers and practitioners seeking new inspiration
  • People who are trying to get back into movement after time off, or injuries
  • Gym goers in need of a more mindful approach
  • Older adults who need more strength
  • Teachers or trainers who want to present material that is authentic and rooted in functional movement
Kathryn Bruni-Young is to founder of Mindful Strength

About Kathryn

The Mindful Strength Studio has been running for three years, and although small classes looking out over the country side are wonderful for the eight people who live close by, we needed to fin a way to open these classes up to the world.

Kathryn is the founder of Mindful Strength, the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, an international teacher and a creative thinker in the field of yoga and movement. With over a decade of teaching experience Kathryn has a passion for helping people feel strong and confident in their bodies, and helping teachers elevate their teaching strategies. Kathryn has been named one of the Fifteen Millennial Teachers to Watch by Yoga Journal Magazine. Her work is revolutionizing the world of yoga, mindful movement and fitness. Kathryn lives in the historic Williamstown (Ontario, Canada) village with her partner Kyle, and together they have put together this virtual studio.

Enrol in the Mindful Strength Whole Body Immersion Online Course and together we can move in new ways and bring strength and confidence to our every day life.

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