Mindful Strength Method - Kathryn Bruni-Young

Mindful Strength Method Online Course

Science, Principles and Practical Information to Educate and Enhance Your Practice.

This course is delivered in three parts, theory, practice and teaching strategies. With over four hours of jam packed learning this course will introduce you to the methods and thinking behind Mindful Strength.

Walk away with a deeper understand of:

  • How/why strength training works so well.
  • The differences between strength and stability, which is more important.
  • Joint centration and how it helps us understand our physical organization.
  • Intra-abdominal pressure and the confusing core.
  • Upper body and lower body strength and mobility movement.
  • Pain science and why we can’t ignore it any longer.
  • Effective and safe teaching strategies.
  • Teaching strategies, and methods behind teaching a constantly varied approach.
  • How to mix strength and movement into yoga in a way that still feels like yoga.

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Course Includes

  • Six modules including a theory presentation, three instructional videos, a teaching presentation and a full length practice class.
  • References and links to support the information and your learning process.
  • Information that is immediately available for download or streaming and is yours to keep.
  • Curated content that is invaluable for yogis, teachers, personal trainers and anyone interested in movement.
  • Four hours of video content plus the extra resources.

This course is for you if you are a…

  • Yoga practitioner who is tired of doing the same poses day in, day out and is ready to integrate new movements into their practice and life.
  • Person interested in a science based, critical thinking approach to movement and yoga.
  • Person who knows they need more strength, but you need some help along the way.
  • Teacher who doesn’t have time to take every training and that needs practical information which will be immediately useful.

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*Use promo code METHODPROMO on checkout to get the an instant $54 discount!

Signup Today! ($149CAD)

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