A step-by-step approach to building a strong foundation for upper body strength.

What’s included

  • Nine video lessons
  • Detailed downloadable PDF Guides
  • Intuitive Practice Plans
  • And a lifetime of inspiration
  • You can download or stream the content, and it’s all yours to keep.
        Master Your Pull-Up and Push-Up With Mindful Strength

        Have you been trying to do pull-ups or push-ups for years? I can make this easier for you.

        So many people want to work on their upper body strength, but don’t really know where to begin. Every time I teach a workshop someone always tells me they have been trying push-ups for years, but they still don’t feel like they can do them. This course breaks pushing and pulling down into simple progressions that will completely change the way you practice and think about upper body strength.

        What you will learn

        • Accessory strength work to support the smaller muscle groups around your shoulders
        • Pulling and pushing movements that can be done on a yoga mat, and in a gym
        • How to skillfully lift weights in a mindful way
        • Upper back, chest, grip, and elbow strength
        • How mobility enhances strength, and active recovery
        • How to design your own practice sessions
        • How strength and yoga are the perfect fit!
          What You Need to Get The Most Out of This Course

          • 1 yoga block (or a really thick book)
          • 2 medium weight dumbbells, 10-15 lbs(heavier if you have lifting experience)
          • 1 medium weight dumbbell or kettlebell, 25-30 lbs (heavier if you have lifting experience)
          • 1 small weight, 2-5 lbs (or a big can or soup, or a bottle of wine)
          • A pull up bar (this will take you to the next level, but if you are a pure beginner it’s not completely necessary)

            I’ve recently purchased the ‘Master Your Pull-ups and Push-ups’ and it’s the course I wish I’d found years ago! Sensible strength training that focuses on long-term progressive adaptations without stressing the body unnecessarily and paving the way for injuries.

            Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world!

            Jane Black

            Screenshots from the Master your Pull-ups and Push-ups course

            Enrol in the Master Your Pull-Ups and Push-Ups with Mindful Strength Online Course and together we can move in new ways and bring strength and confidence to our every day life.

            Course fee $49

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            About Kathryn

            Kathryn Bruni-Young has been teaching yoga and strength based movement since she was 16. Growing up in the first Ashtanga studio in Toronto meant she was always around yoga and loved practicing along with her mom. At the age of 21 Kathryn walked into a gym, discovered strength training, and hasn't looked back since. Through strength training she was able to recover from repetitive strain injuries and feel strong and confident in her body again.

            Over the last eight years Kathryn has dedicated her work to learning the multi-dimensional ways that strength helps people thrive. From musculoskeletal and bone benefits to feeling more powerful and capable in daily life, strength training changes everything. Kathryn is the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, she is an international teacher, she produces a number of online courses and she runs a small studio, and a big garden, in the countryside with her partner Kyle.