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Strength Training to Complement Yoga Poses

When I grew up practicing Ashtanga I did the same routine of poses almost every day for a handful of years. My movement education was a series of postures, good alignment within that series, and some basic modifications incase I couldn't put my body into the original...

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Does “Good” Alignment Help Us?

When I learned modern postural yoga, having good alignment was the gold standard. I learned the exact positioning of the shoulder blade in plank and downward dog. When I started training in the gym and began lifting weights I heard a lot less about alignment and a lot...

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The Magic of Novel Movements

If you are reading this you likely participated, or are currently enrolled in my 2018 Holiday Special, incase you missed it you can click here to start now. In this special I'm exploring things I've learned over the last year and how my ideas about movements have...

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Should we practice chaturanga?

Chaturanga (or a half push-up for the non-yogis) has been the topic of much discussion over the last five years as the rise of yoga injuries has come into the mainstream. Many yogis have suffered shoulder injuries, and we have begun to look at what we have been doing...

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Practice With Me This Summer

There's a new way to practice with me this summer... Many of you have already heard, and I'm beyond excited to announce that beginning August 1st I will be opening the doors of my studio to the world. The Mindful Strength Virtual Studio will be your one-stop-shop for...

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When the Pursuit of Health Becomes Unhealthy

Health is a broad subject, but so often we over simplify it in order to feel that we have things under control. Our culture puts "health" above all else, but keeps us fighting for it in ways that can be destructive to our overall well being. A viscous cycle that...

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