Mindful Strength Training

Mindful Strength is Kathryn’s way of blending principles of yoga practice with functional movement and strength training. Getting strong doesn’t have to mean pushing to the limits; Mindful Strength allows students to feel challenged in a way that is manageable and individualized. When body awareness is combined with biomechanics, weak or dormant parts of the body can be identified. Resistance training and weighted exercises are used to create healthy tension, sensation, circulation, and to bring the system back into balance. This form of strength training is appropriate for all levels including beginners, seniors and athletes.

Mindful Strength TrainingMindful Strength is also about tuning into the needs and language of the body. Understanding how the nervous system is affecting how we move, learn and hold ourselves. Neuroscience also helps us understand how habits are made, and how movements can be rewired one moment at a time.

This approach revolves around somatic awareness, corrective exercise and whole body strength integration.

Kathryn teaches daily classes at her small studio in Cornwall Ontario as well as weekend workshops and seminars all over Canada. She offers personal online coaching as well as online courses and free webinars.

She is currently working on a book called Mindful Strength.