Mindful Strength

The Strength + Mobility training you need with the feeling (and even some of the poses) of yoga.

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Spring Into Strength will teach you strengthening exercises and help you create your own strength practice.

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  • 10 videos in total
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What Mindful Strength is all about

Join the thousands who have adopted Mindful Strength in their lives.

Online Courses

Learn the principles of Mindful Strength from anywhere in the world, while practicing at your own pace. Courses include videos, PDF’s, curated links, a community forum and practice templates.


Join me, in-person, at your local studio or travel to one of her seminars or retreats.

Teacher Intensives

The Mindful Strength Teacher’s Intensive is the best way for teachers to expand and elevate their skills in a small-group training environment.


Mindful Strength Podcast

The Mindful Strength Podcast has transformed from a DIY project made completely at my kitchen table, to a fully produced show where I talk to different professionals in the yoga, movement, rehab and body positivity worlds.

Some of my recent guests have been Gil Hedley, Michael Stone, Glenn Black and Donna Farhi, and the podcast is available on Apple Podcasts  and Google Play.




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Our blog is FILLED with articles, extra training material, links, videos and so much more. And best yet, it’s all FREE! Be sure to follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and our email newsletter so you don’t miss any of the freebies.

Some of the more popular articles are Should we practice chaturanga?, We Need To Stop Pulling Our Bellies In! and As yoga Becomes “Safe” Is It More Functional?.