Kathryn Bruni-Young is the host of the Mindful Strength Podcast, an international teacher, and a creative thinker leading the way in yoga and movement. Kathryn teachers workshops worldwide, has a number of online courses, and teaches an annual Teacher’s Intensive at her studio in eastern Ontario. Kathryn is passionate about the multi-dimensional benefits of strength training and how strength pairs perfectly with the postural yoga practice.



In this episode Kyle Pichie interviews Kathryn on a few of the main questions that come up in workshops. They start by talking about strength training movements that can be done in the gym and on a yoga mat. Kathryn gives ideas of how anyone could begin their strength training practice and why it compliments yoga so well. From there they move into the topic of breathing and cueing the breath in classes. Kathryn shares her opinion and how she has come to the place of not cueing the breath during every movement. Finally they talk about dynamic movement and how practitioners and teachers can create more variability within the practice without changing too much. This episode ends with some exciting new information about the Mindful Strength Virtual Studio membership that will go on sale again in July.

In this episode…

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