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Yoga instructor

Movement coach

Holistic Nutritionist

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You don’t have a soul,

you are a soul, you have

a body.

Workshops | Intensives

Kathryn teaches a handfulof drop in classes

pre registered courses & workshops

in Toronto & other cities across Canada.

Get in touch for info about hosting Kathryn.

Yoga Detour

What is Yoga Detour and how can you #fol...

Don’t care about
how the body looks,
care about how
the body moves.

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Kathryn teaches workshops, intensives & private

lessons on yoga, body weight strength work,

hand balancing and more.

Stuck on a plateau or looking for new inspiration? Kathryn caters to all levels of students from pure beginners needing simple movement to long time teachers looking to spice up their routine. She also runs a small private practice focussing on holistic nutrition and healthy lifestyle goals.
Contact Kathryn for more details on booking and pricing.

Age is an illusion,

every body needs to play.


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